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Pet Birthday Parties

Some pet owners throw their pet a birthday party. It's a fun way to celebrate your furry best friend and show you care. Invite some pet guests over to your house, yard or nearest dog park. Provide some toys and treats to keep your guests entertained.

  • Have pet guests come in costume. Perhaps a costume contest!
  • Bring enough toys for all your pet guests
  • Kong toys are great! Give a treat filled Kong to each guest.
  • Have treats on hand and throw contests for best trick.
  • Rope toys are great for dogs and humans tug of war!

A bone or fish shaped cake and presents will top off the birthday celebration. You'll want to check with the pet's owner if it's ok to feed them cake. You'll also want to have some food for the owners while the party is going on. Wrap some new toys and treats for the birthday pet in a blanket if you're going to have them unwrap it. Ingesting wrapping paper could put a damper on the party. If you insist on wrapping paper, make sure a human unwraps it for the birthday pet.

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