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Pet Classroom is where you can learn about pet care and pet health information. These informative pet articles range from grooming and hygiene, to pet meds, and can help you better understand your pet and their health care needs. Loving for your pet might come naturally, but it's good to know what symptoms and behavior you should be aware of. Start your pet education today!
Pet Care Newsletter

If you're like most dog or cat owners, nothing is too good for your pet. Unfortunately, your wallet is another matter. Read>>

The Pet Care Newsletter is always full of tips and information about how to care for your pet, and ensure they have a happy, healthy life.

Pets in the News
What dog is the world's ugliest? It might surprise you to know that the ugliest dog is.... Read>>
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Traveling - Safety tips for trips with your pet.
Separation Anxiety - Help your pet feel secure.
Dog Whisperer Advice
The Dog Whisperer has some recommendations for keep your dog out of trouble while you're away.
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